Walk #13. Nishinari.

Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber, Walking Meditation #13,
»I was a sleeping tree« Nishinari, May 24, 2017; 2 – 7:30  pm

one-channel video, 281 photographs, 23:15 min (illustration)

One part of Nishinari ward is Kamagasaki, located near the south of  the Osaka loop line; it’s a so called „Yoseba,“ an area where unskilled workers live and work day in and day out. The three largest Yosebas are Kamagasaki, Kotobuki in Yokohama and Sanya in Tokyo. Other smaller Yosebas can be found   in many larger Japanese cities.
The first Yosebas arose in the 19th century: people who were incarcerated were arrested and lodged in Yosebas, then forced to work in land reclamation or dam construction. At the end of the 1950s, the Yosebas system was reactivated because it was hoped to meet the needs of rapid capitalist growth in Japan. At that time, as now, the task was to provide day to day access to cheap labor for the construction, shipbuilding and manufacturing industries.